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Updated February 1, 2018
We need to update security certificates and additional internal changes so we can continue to offer Bid Whist. This may take us several days to complete. We will add additional days to all accounts because of the inconvivence. We are particularly sorry because of the delays to the tournament players.

Updated February 25, 2017
Recent updates to Java have caused us to need to update various parts of the site. This is currently causing a problem with launching the game. We are working to resolve the problem. We will add time to accounts to make up for the lost time. We are sorry for the problems it may have caused you, your friends and the Bid Whist community.

Updated January 26, 2016
We have finished the security certificate update!. Sorry for the long delay and challenges some customers faced. Some users may need to restart their browser. We will add 10 days to all accounts.


Updated January 20, 2016
We are updating the security certificate. We expect to resolve the message by Jan. 23. We are sorry for any problems and time wasted over the next 2 days. We will be adding a week of free time to ALL accounts. We are deeply sorry for the problems many of our users encountered.

Updated January 18, 2014
We have resolved the problems with the recent Java update. You should be able to install and run the application smoothly once again. We are sorry for any problems and time wasted over the last 2 days. We will be adding a week of free time to ALL accounts because of the two days without service that many users encountered. We are deeply sorry for the problems many of our users encountered. You many need to restart your browser or computer to clear the cache so that the proper version will load.

Updated January 16, 2014
A recent Java update from Oracle has made the site inaccessible to many members. We are working on a fix. It should be resolved by Saturday evening if not sooner. We apologize for problem and will add additional days to all accounts after we have fixed it.

Updated January 14, 2005
Today we are testing a new layout. The new layout has a better chat space. Under play options it also has two different screen sizes. Users with higher resolution screens should try the larger version. If you default size is 800 x 600 you will need to use the smaller (default) version.

  1. The comment box is blocked if you join another table. (fix should occur late tonight).
  2. Problem with kicking people from tables. (Fix time not identified).

Updated January 10, 2005
We have found the source of the final problem that caused many users especially those with slow connections such as dialups to often experience disconnects during high traffic times. The problem has since been corrected. We have added 15 days to all accounts because of the lost playing time. Since the problems first occurred a total of 30 days have been added to all existing accounts. We sorry for the disruption to the service. Thanks for the tremendous patience that users have shown while we rectified the problems.

Updated January 8, 2005
We have done another update that will take place for Sunday, Jan 8, 2005. Hopefully this will help with the disconnect problem that has been particularly problematic for dialup users.

Updated January 5, 2005
We had a problem in the morning with a server restart that caused the game and website to be inaccessible. That issue is now resolved.
We are still attempting to reach a resolution on the dialup. We experiment with an AOL account last night and the speeds available were disturbingly low. If we were just downloading the file the speeds were 1/10 the advertised rates. We are close to strongly suggesting that those who can get DSL. Especially if it cost the same as the dialup. In the Boston area for AOL this is true for many AOL users (you even get to stay with AOL).

Updated Decemeber 29, 2005
Two important items
1. New Year's Weekend starting as early as Friday we will be attempting to do system updates. Periodic outages or interruptions to the games may occur.
2.We have received reports especially from AOL dialup users about problems staying connected. We are investigating but we don't have a clear answer. The updates occurring this weekend may help. If you use AOL on dialup and have any helpful information for us, let us know. We do know that some of the dialup users do not realize, for instance, that if they receive a phone during the game that may cause a problem and cause the game to hang. If you lose your Internet connection for any reason during the game, then the game will have problems and may hang on you. If you know that your connection works better during certain times, please let us know.

Updated December 20, 2005
We have now corrected the problem which allows for memberships. If you joined after Oct. 9, 2005, you will need to join again. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will attempt to reply to emails sent but we are still catching up.

Updated December 12, 2005 As you may be aware we suffered a catastrophic failure of our hardware on Saturday, December 3, 2005. We believe we have now resolved the major technical issues created by this problem. The solutions will impact different users in different ways so please take the time to read this carefully. We apoligize for the extended delay. To the extend possible we are trying to make sure that everything is in order before we allow play to resume on the main site. This will allow us to minimize future disruptions. Unfortunately because of the nature of the changes, it has taken longer than we had planned to secure certain key technical resources to resolve potential issues. We are very sorry because we know this has not only disrupted our business but more importantly it has prevented the continued development of many friendships and the growth of the community of Bid Whist users.

First all paid users will have at least 15 days added to their account due to the loss of service between Dec 3, 2005 and Dec. 14, 2005. Games that we played after Oct 9, 2005 will not be reflected in your history. We are very sorry for the disruption in service. Because of a material loss of some of our data, the impact on different customers will be different.

  1. If you were a paid member before Oct 8, 2005 and paid using the online system and your account was current as of Dec 3, 2005, then your account should function as normal. If you at any point had multiple email addresses in the system, then some problems may exist.
  2. If you were a paid member before Oct 8, 2005 and renewed after Oct 8, 2005 by mail, then we are still processing your information. You should send us an email after Dec 16, 2005 if we have not updated by then.
  3. If you joined after after Oct 8, 2005 and paid, then we have had to recreate your account. You should receive an email indicating how to login and your new password.
  4. If you created a Trial Account after Oct 8, 2005, then your account not longer exists. You may create a new trial account for the service.
  5. This is the information we currently have available.

    Posted Dec. 3, 2005 Due to a problem with our server we are experiencing significant difficulties. For temporary relief we have provided this server to play the game. Because of the temporary nature, this server has some limitations.

    1. The game will run slower than normal.
    2. Members who joined after Oct. 8, 2005 will not be able to play on the temporary server
    3. We are not accepting new permanent or trial memberships while we attempt to resolve the problem.
    4. We are unlikely to response to any emails or provide any customer support while we attempt to correct the situation.
    5. Individuals connections directly from the computer to the site may not work or they may find that JavaWebStart has multiple items labeled Bid Whist Online. Please use the Start Playing link at
    6. Because of certain technical issues users may find that sometimes they connect to this site and sometimes they can not.
    We are very sorry for the disruption in service. We hope to have to resolved by Monday, 5th December, however residual issues may persist. We will attempt to provide updates as we correct problems.


    Thanks for your support of BidWhist Online.